About K-SES


When Passion & Need Collides

Founded in 2015 as a social enterprise, K-SES is a team of education experts and trusted advisers from the intersection of education, arts, psychology, policy, music, management and anthropology. It started with a strong passion to increase educational opportunities for Indonesian children and youth. Yet we repeatedly encountered the prevailing systematic barriers and challenges that thwarted the provision of equitable quality education for all Indonesian children and youth. Our frustration shed light to a new strategy to address this multifaceted complex education problem.

There are already many individuals and organizations devoted to do good work in the Indonesian education space – what if we could help resource and empower them? What if there were enough of these empowered organizations and institutions in Indonesia to form a critical mass? Then perhaps, we will move to a tipping point of widespread educational transformation. So we build partnerships and solutions that create strategic value to advance this cause. Our chosen vehicle is a strategy and research consultancy that offers effective education solutions. In simple terms, we are in the business of changing lives through learning.

Changing Lives Through Learning

Our Mission is to empower students, families, communities and organizations through learning

Our Strategy is to create education solutions that promote systemic improvements in education & positive social change


Meet The Team

K-SES is comprised of education professionals from diverse backgrounds and academic training, united by common passion for advancing educational opportunities for all children. Reflecting the truly global nature of high quality education, our team hailed from different countries, diverse academic perspective and rich professional experiences across Asia, Australia, Europe and North America.

Team pic-LK
Managing Partner

Education Strategy, Policy & Interventions

Harvard University

Team pic-EK

Early Childhood Education

University of Melbourne Boston University


Team pic-RJN

Research & Training Dept.  Arts & Music Education

Harvard Graduate School of Education

Team pic-JD

Teacher Development & Technology

UMass Boston

We are fully aware that no single consultant has the depth and breadth of expertise to serve clients in all aspects of education. For that reason: We employ the team approach in every engagement; we synergize with other highly qualified professional educators and form an education consulting group in our attempt to tackle the systemic problem in education.

Core Values

Our Professional Commitments


We are committed to excellence by striving to meet and exceed our high quality standards. We employ rigorous and holistic approach to solving complex challenges, drawing upon the best and innovative practices across relevant disciplines and contexts.


We uphold honesty and truthfulness in our service. By observing high standards in professional ethics, we take responsibility for what we do and how we do it. We are not afraid to speak truth and justice for the good of the mission, those we serve and our society.


Learning is the heart of consulting. We foster growth mindset in and through our work. As a learning organization, we encourage our team to practice both humility to keep learning and generosity to share ensuing insights with others.


We highly value healthy enduring relationship as one of the hallmarks of human flourishing. Consulting is beyond solely giving expert advice. It is a trust-based collaboration in building consensus and solutions around complex challenges. Our team develops each other through professional learning community and mentoring. We connect our clients to other knowledge-sharing network as part of a larger community dedicated to positive transformation of society.


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